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Spring Sports Preview: Track With Maria Cowan '12 for April 10th

Maria Cowan '12

Give us your Track bio:

Maria Cowan '12 got into track because she has always enjoyed running and her friend kept bugging her to join the team. Finally, her sophomore year, she joined. Maria is a sprinter and runs the 100, 200, 300, along with the 400. She prefers the 100 and 200.

What do you bring this team?

Maria sees herself as a leader for the team. She brings hard work, friendliness, and encouragement. She says since track is mostly an independent sport and your teammate’s just need you for support, then you should give all the support and encouragement that you can!

What do you see as your team's greatest strengths and challenges this season?

According to Coach Kevin Hohn, the amount of seniors on the team and the fact that the team gets along very well are definite strengths of the Track Team. Making it to practice when the athletes have other things going on in their lives and staying healthy throughout the season are going to be some of the challenges this year.

Key newcomers?

Coach Hohn says there are going to be a lot of newcomers this year and they are going to have to step up to the challenge of bringing everything they can to this team.

How did your team fare in competition last year?

Last year the team got 4th in their conference.

How do you expect to fare this year?

This year Hohn is expecting the team to do very well with all the talented seniors!

Greatest competitors in conference?

Coach Hohn says that the rest of the conference is their competition this year.

Any stories of team or individual inspiration?

Joe Clifton! Joe is currently training for a marathon along with Track practices and schooling. He is very motivated and Coach Hohn says he is doing very well and should do well this year in Track, as well.

Tell us about your coaches

Maria says all the coacher are wonderful. This year the track team has four coaches instead of just two like they’ve had in the past. She says Hohn is a very funny and keeps the team spirit up. Hohn and all the rest of the coaches are very kind, helpful, supportive, and easy to talk to.

What's next for Maria Cowan?

Maria plans to go to St Kate's for Biology after she graduates this year. The more she thinks about it the more excited she gets for college!

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