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Spring Sports Preview: Men's Tennis by Nywong Vang '12 for April 17th


Coach Paek may be the luckiest coach in the world.  He has a full roster of dedicated student athletes who practice all the time and actually clean up Webber Park for the fun of it when they're done. Why such extraordinary young men?  Senior leadership by captains Nywong Vang and  Siew Thao has a lot to do with it.  Nywong breaks down the upcoming season here.

Give us your tennis bio:
I started playing tennis my sophomore year. I joined because I wanted to look forward to a great senior year and I want to take as many opportunities as I can while I am in high school. I don’t want to look back at my high school years with regrets.

What does Nywong bring this team?
Nywong is driven and brings leadership and motivation to the team. This year he would like to bring the team to state by being motivated and competitive.

What do you see as your team's greatest strengths and challenges this season?
Our greatest challenge is being honest with each other after matches on what we could do to improve. Our greatest strengths, though, are our abilities to cooperate and play competitively and aggressively for spots on varsity.

How did your team fare in competition last year?
Last year, we did not do so well in conference.

How do you expect to fare this year?
This year I expect us to do wonderfully! I am hoping that we make it all the way to State!

Greatest competitors in conference?
Our greatest competitors this year are Roosevelt, Southwest, and South.

Tell us about your coaches
Mr. Paek is really motivated. He is very charismatic and brings out the best in us.

What's next for Nywong Vang?
Nywong is planning to attend the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities for Information Technology. While he’s there he would like to continue to play tennis and come back to Henry to see where the team is at.

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