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The Legacy
Struggling to Make a Change by Shakirrah for February 11th


Struggling to Make a Change

Struggling to make a change and this place to be

A place to be happy, young, wild and free

I wanna make a difference for you and me

One day we'll all be happy just wait and see


Make a change and help others smile

Change a life and make it worth while

Expresss yourself and a shining light

Make a change in this world and know your right


Never let hurt bring you down

A smile should be used right here and right now

Change the world’s outlook, opinions, and perceptions

Attack the haters with love and not weapons


Be the best you can be and succeed in life

Live up to your goals and not your stereotypes

Us Northside kids have to stay strong

By working together nothing can go wrong

So all I’m saying is let’s not struggle to make a change

Because happiness isn’t far within your range.

Love and Peace.