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Testing Information

2020 District-Wide ACT with Writing for 11th Graders at Henry will be on Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

This will be an official ACT test and your scores can be used for the college application process.


The PSAT test is offered every year at Patrick Henry in October. If your student did not take the test, speak to Sean Crenshaw at school at 612.668.1967 or contact the College and Career Center to discuss what this means for your student.  

This test is only given once a year and only given to sophomores. For more information, visit At this site, you can find out more about preparing your student for college, including information about financial aide, college applications and additional information regarding the college search in general.

ACT College Entrance Test
The ACT Test is the generally required test all students must take if they plan to enter a public college or university for further education after high school. Many private colleges will also accept ACT test results as part of their admissions process as well (go to their web sites directly to see if ACT Test results are accepted). Students can take the test more than once with the best score taken for application purposes. For information regarding the test, costs, test site locations, general information regarding the college admission process, and to register to take the test go to

For information regarding the SAT Test including test dates, fees, and to register online to take the test, go to This web site also provides good information on the general college application process including timelines for students and their families while the student is in their freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years. Sign up at this same web site for email newsletters about the college application process. They are very helpful.

SAT College Entrance Test
Those students interested in attending a private college may be required to take the SAT Test as opposed to the ACT Test. Check each college web site for their requirements to make sure.