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The Conclusion by Divonte for April 9th


The Conclusion
-Divonte .R

like I WAs saYing the Point Ain’t
taken This world We slaying with Provacative
saYings, DiscriMination & hating, life ain’t PlaYing
This Is No boardgame…No Debating…we Need
to awaken & see how lives get taken
This world we Need to straighteN, look
At What Media Is disPlaYing,
Books Are soMetiMes Rubbish Before theY Are
Published. Just wAnt recogNition from
the Public, soMetiMes life Is hard to
stomach, The Poor BuY Boo’s Because theY’ve
Been used, The options we see is Just
a ruse…So we don’t look behiNd the curtaiNs
and see what TheY do I’M TrYing to
sPeak the Truth TrYing to give the facts
to you But You a clASS clown waiting
to get out the room half of The U.S.A.
is out da looP Because Africa
has Been through More Then we going to.
Try to PlaY with life & You goNNa lose
The loss You choose The First day
You act a Fool But MaiNlY oNlY if your
behaviors contiNue, This conclusion
I drew wheN I look back oN the
Things I’ve been through.