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The Legacy
The Frozen Sunflower by Ms. Lennan for February 22nd


The Frozen Sunflower


Cold comes on slowly

the gift of dew overlooked

the deer skull asks of the Night

lying in green and red moss


to a man

a bird in one hand

a crumb in the other

so quickly gone to hide in the nest

the horned owl turns its head

frame by frame


betrayal always starts with a kiss

the softest part first

frost spreads slowly

hidden at first

a mouse scurries under the snow

so no tracks show

a fox tilts an ear to the ground

a wolf howls the story

until we all are chilled


and White became the Norm

underneath the giant downward 

flutter of a frozen sunflower

the hollow deer socket lies

rows of teeth bear witness

for there is no place to hide  

with one cheek offered so close

like living in the space between

where the eye and mouth meet

Nowhere for a man to run


like the whited out seeds of a sunflower

a snowy yellow green in winter’s edge

how the thaw feels midFall

as the fawn approaches

with horns like branches

for the frost comes on so slowly

that the boiled frogs mourn for us

for we don’t always move

when we should

in the cold a man found the bones

lying there in the open woods

shot a photo where he stood

as the sun set above the lips

of the earth to defy why we

are made in this way


with a Kiss



karen lennan