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The Legacy
The Good by Ms. Lennan for May 16th


The Good



as a dragonfly’s wings

tiny veins

electricity wrapped

& branched by design

reaches out into the open air


our flight is so light

like breathing


walking around

in a womb




to float on

scales on loan

lessons learned from the fish

they let it all slide

and slip


arrange them all like petals

around a center

big and bright and full

as a landing pad

for the bee, never frightened

is the brave sunflower


in the background

angry abandoned buildings

graffiti themselves

& throw rocks

at their own architecture


remains, shards of clear vision

copper wire stolen 

eyes to the homeless

a broken down canvas –

used but so much more



birds fly in and nest

stand and never

give up


A brick of good

A brick of good


eventually builds a temple


No matter what

you do

everyone can see



karen lennan