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Theo Marcil '12 Addresses Indian Education Students for June 3rd

Photo Courtesy of DAVID JOLES

Hey everyone, i'm Theo Marcil and I am Ojibwe of the Leech Lake reservation  and  I'll be graduating from Patrick Henry High School.

I stand up here today to tell you a little about myself and how far we have all made it. Not too long ago we were just ninth graders, unaware of the struggles of life and high school. As a young Native man i was raised to be strong and independent just as some of you are, but that's part of our heritage as well,

"Being Strong"
Being proud of who we are and where we come from is part of being Native. It takes perseverance to push through lifes struggles whether it be an exam or even a death of a loved one. We must push through and continue to do so after high school.  As a child growing up in the cities i would hear people doubt my abilities and the ability of our people, But look at us now! We're here... Here graduating, some going to college, or off to the military,

Theo Marcil '12
but more importantly... we're graduating. I used what bad things people said about me and our heritage as fuel to push myself forward
and prove them wrong.

Throughout school i strived to prove to those that doubted us that we Natives can acheive greatness in all aspects of lif, and we are, for we're here today...

Whatever you do beyond high school, remember that you proved soceity wrong, and showed everyone we could graduate, earn our diploma's, and had the chance to go onto college.

Our ancestors would be proud, so lets continue to do so and be role models to the younger generations and guide them to and through a path of success.

Our society is like a can either become specs of dust between the pages, letter, or even numbers, but strive to become a chapter. Make a difference and become someone great. Be the change you want to see.

Miigwech Bizindawiyeg