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Thinkin' About You by Mecedes for May 4th


I was thinking about you today
But I do that everyday
Re-reading your texts
I’m waiting for what’s next
I believe in love at first sight
I saw you, and flew the next flight
Flew to your heart
Took the key
And locked myself inside
Have you realized you can't let me go, - that’s why
I promise I’ll never let you go you’re more important than my big toe
See how I’m always thinking about you?
My mind is lost when I’m not with you
It must be the things you do
Wearing your jacket just isn’t enough
Letting go will be tuff
I can never sleep without you
I want to know what you’re doing
Who you're with
And if you can sleep without me
You’re always on my mind
The break ups make me cry
But the make up make me smile
Every hour is worth the while
I would walk 1,000 miles
I’m lazy but your worth it all
I love you and forever will
Being your wife is a forever thing
But no matter what I do
I’m ALWAYS thinkin’ about you