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Trapped by Chase for March 12th


She wasn’t really loved at her home
didn’t do well in school and at lunch sat alone
she lays awake for days and days
and wishes in her dreams is where she can stay
she lives in a nightmare, the spawn of two monsters
a casualty of memory that continually haunts her
she tries to find some kind of release
but nothing seems to put her at peace
she slips and falls, spirals to the ground
one makes her go up, two makes her go down
but it’s the lifting that she needs
the emotion that it heeds, it takes her away
she soars in the clouds and paints the sky different
but she’s back on the ground and back to her beginning
where they treat her the same
so cruel, so mean, they don’t even know her name
to this world she’s a slave, an anonymous grave
begging for a savior but yet getting no change

Italics: Mich’le Rolan
Straight text: Chase Brenke