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Tre Shares First Short Story: God Fist High for Feb. 23


     Once upon a time there was a high school in a land far away. The world’s top students and martial artists gathered there. This school was known as God Fist High. The school was also the emperor’s palace, and he, it’s principal.

     During first hour an announcement interrupts class over the loudspeaker a. “Wamp wamp wamp wamp Silencio wamp wamp principal’s office”.

     The principal welcomes one of his prized students, Silencio, into his humongous office and offers him a seat. “Wadda wadda wadda seat”, said the principal. “Thank you sire. How may I be of service to you?” Silencio asked. The principal tells Silencio that he and a few other upperclassmen would be putting on a demonstration for that year’s freshmen. “Wadda wadda wadda demonstration wadda freshmen”.

      “When will this demonstration be?” asked Silencio.

      “Wadda wadda lunch”, the principal answered.

      “Great! I wanted a little workout before lunch anyway”, laughed Silencio.

     The principal gives a short yet powerful speech, then announces the demonstration. “Wadda wadda wad wadda wadda! Wadda seniors demonstrate their skills”.

     Silencio’s part in the demonstration finally came and he was surprised that he would be having a match against his friend Wally Strong. Silencio knows he is at a disadvantage, for he fights using surprise as his weapon. Head to head combat always seemed silly to Silencio.

     The principal signals for the match to start “Wadda wad go!”

     Silencio instantly starts to recite the laws of the assassin. “Law of the assassin number one. Conceal yourself in darkness…still your breath…seek a path to your target”. Wally charges at Silencio, trying for a takedown. Silencio elegantly flips over him. Silencio yells the second law “Law of the assassin number two. Know your target. Be able to guess their thoughts and their movements!” Wally turns around and Silencio had vanished from sight. Silencio, from nowhere and everywhere at the same time shouts “Law of the assassin number three. Defeat your target before they are even aware of your existence”. Silencio drops from above Wally after appearing from thin air. Right before Silencio is within reach to finish Wally, his ego gets the better of him. Silencio yells out his favorite catch phrase “Booyah!”

     His speed arrogantly underestimated, Wally reacts just in time to catch Silencio out of the air. Bad news for Silencio since wrestling is Wally’s specialty. Wally bellows out his finishing move “Mountain Avalanche”! There is a thunderous boom and the crowd goes crazy as the demonstration ends.

     While eating lunch after the demonstration Silencio and Wally talk about the demonstration.

     “Snap bro. You took it too far. It was just a demonstration”, said Silencio as he rubbed his neck. “I had to do it to you because you took me too lightly. Just because you were once a far greater fighter than me doesn’t mean I am still that far away from surpassing you” said Wally.

     Courtney Judges walks up to SIlencio and Wally’s lunch table. She starts to say something, but blushes and starts again. “Wow that was a really impressive performance Silencio…not!”

     “Listen Courtney, I’m not in the mood for your crap right now”, Silencio retorted.

     “Or what? You going to let me beat you up the way Wally did during the demonstration”, Courtney jeered. By now all the students in the lunchroom were watching. The room erupted in an uproar of laughter. Silencio tried to make a comeback “Shut up, butt face”, but it was too late. Silencio disappeared from the lunchroom embarrassed.

     Silencio walked around the dorm buildings to cool off and avoid further humiliation. Suddenly he hears Courtney and her friends laughing coming from the dorm lobby. Silencio figures that now is the perfect time for vengeance. He starts to mumble the assassin laws. “Law of the assassin number one. Conceal yourself in darkness…still your breath…seek a path to you target”. He moves closer and hides behind a nearby couch.

     Courtney pulls up a bag to show her friends Jackie and Jackey something she is excited about. “Check out my new boots!” said Courtney. Jackie and Jackey tell her how much they like her new boots. “Blab la bla la shoes”, said Jackie. “Yeah, nice bobobo-bo bo-bobo”, agreed Jackey.

     “Law of the assassin number two. Know your target. Be able to guess their thoughts and movements”, Silencio thought to himself waiting for his chance. Suddenly a dog enters the dorm lobby before its owner, and the girls all go to pet it. Courtney sat down her boots on the couch that Silencio was hiding behind. Silencio realizes this is his chance for revenge and decides to take Courtney’s boots. “Law of the assassin number three. Defeat your target before your target is aware of your existence”, said Silencio as he ninjaed out of the lobby with the boots the way he came just in time to escape being seen.

     As Silencio ran toward his dorm with Courtney’s shoes he realized he couldn’t make a rookie mistake and keep the evidence. As if it was meant to be, a genius idea hits him like a Mike Tyson punch. “That’s it!” Silencio said. Silencio saw a Deliverance Navy across the street. As he entered the store he saw a sign reading “What’s done is done unless you have a receipt”. He walked up to the counter and rang the bell. “Hello can anyone help me?” asked Silencio.

     A tall stocky clerk walked up to the counter from the back room and asks if he can help Silencio. “Bla-ze bla-ze help you?”

     “I would like to donate these boots”, Silencio said nervously.

      “Sure. Bla-ze bla-ze receipt?”

     “No I don’t need it”, Silencio answered hastily and existed the store. SIlencio headed back to his dorm for the day.

     The next afternoon at lunch Silencio and Wally chatted like usual until they began to overhear Courtney and her friends. “I…don’t…deserve this”, Courtney managed to finally say while crying. Courtney’s friends did their best to console her. “Blab la la is okay. Bla blab la find them”, said Jackie. “Bo bo bobobo fix anything. Bobo obo cheer up”, Jackey chimed in.

     Wally being the nice guy that he is, heads over to Courtney to see what going on. “Hey Courtney, what’s the matter?”

     “Some link licker stole my new boots!”

     “Well if it helps any I’ll be on the look out for them”.

     “Ugh! Thanks Wally, but I doubt that’ll do any good”.

    Silencio overhearing the conversation starts to feel uneasy and gets up to leave. He doesn’t get far before Yurrai Sword, one half of a deadly pair of twins known as the Samurai Twins, stops him. “Wassup my ninja”.

     “Out of my way”, said Silencio. As he tried to go around Yurrai he didn’t notice her twin brother Samm on all fours behind him. Yurrai pushed him and Silencio hit the ground with a loud thump. The room erupted in laughter. “Snap! Ninja Storm”, Silencio said as he disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

     During dinner Silencio felt it was an appropriate time to exact his revenge on the Samurai Twins. He ran over to their dormitory. When he got there he ran up a tree near the building to get closer to their window on the second floor. “Snap. It’s locked”, thought Silencio silently. Just as he was about to give up he noticed a window open two panes over. “It couldn’t possibly be this easy could it?” He leaped too panes over to just barely catch the windowsill. He climbed up into the window to find himself in the Samurai Twins’ bathroom. Silencio went out into the dorm room and took the first thing he knew they would miss, their iPods. Silencio left the way he came, like a spirit or ghost that was never really there.

     The next day Silencio felt convinced that he had gotten away with everything, for he had donated the iPods before school started. That is until the teacher makes an announcement telling the students to be alert, for they are after a thief on campus and that they should keep their belongings close. “Beep beep be beep thief. Be beeping items close”.

     The students start up in a buzz about the announcement. “Paku paku! Paku pak my stuff” said one student. “I know right. Pika pika…pikachuu”, said another.
Silencio feeling uncomfortable changes the flow of the conversation. “Anyways! Did you finish grading our papers?”

     “Si Silencio”, the teacher answered and passed back them back.

     “What the fegees”

     “Silencio beep your beeping language”.

     “How could I get a failing grade on this?!”

     “Beep bee beep no sources”.

     “You can’t be serious!”

     The teacher told Silencio to leave for being a disturbance to other students. Silencio, full of rage, abruptly left the room. Instantly after Silencio stepped into the hall he started to murmur something under his breath. “Law of the assassin number one, conceal yourself in darkness…still your breath…seek a path to your target”. He turns back toward the door. “Law of the assassin number two. Know your target. Be able to guess his thoughts and movements”. Silencio watched the teacher through the small window in the door. As soon as the teacher turned to face the board Silencio entered the room and ninjaed up to the side of the teachers desk. Silencio goes behind the desk searching for something. Silencio found and took the teacher’s laptop from his bag. “Law of the assassin number three. Defeat your target before he even becomes aware of your existence. That was just too easy,” laughed Silencio as he moved down the hall and out of the building.

     The next day in English class the teacher walked in briskly after all of the students. “Beep the beep down”, the teacher shouted without a hint of kindness in his voice. Instantly the teacher angrily went into an announcement saying that someone stole his laptop and from today onward there would be a 2000 word essay due everyday until his laptop resurfaced with the person responsible. “Beep beep beeping laptop! Beeping 2000 beep beeped everyday beep beeping resurfaces”! When class ended Silencio knew he was in too deep. He had to get back that laptop, but it would have to wait till after school.

     At lunch Silencio told Wally what he had been doing. Then something unexpected happened. Courtney came over to their table. “Hey Wally. Hey Silencio, can I talk to you for a second?”

     “Yeah I guess, but this had better not be a waste of my time”.

     “I’m sorry for what I said a few days ago. I was just nervous and didn’t know how to say this”.

     “What is it?”

     “Well I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime. You know to the movies or something”.

     “Oh! Well you’re really pretty and all, but I just don’t have those types of feelings for you. But hey! Let’s be good friends”.
“Oh okay, well…bye”, she said as she walked away embarrassed.

      As Courtney walked away he knew he also had to get her boots back, and while he was at it the iPods too. He was better than petty revenge. “Hey Wally, after school do you want to come and help me carry the stuff I stole?” asked Silencio. “Yeah no problem. I’m happy you chose to fix this because I wasn’t even thinking of writing a 2000 word paper”, Wally said as broke out laughing.

      Silencio and Wally arrived at Deliverance Navy after school. They quickly enter the shop on business, completely focused on the task at hand. “Hello. Is anyone here?” The clerk came from a doorway behind the counter. “Bla-ze bla-ze help you?”

     “I would like the items that I donated back. I made a mistake”, said Silencio.

     “No problem. Bla-ze bla-ze receipt?”

     “No, I don’t have one”.

     The clerk pointed to a sign on the wall. It read, “Nothing is happening without a receipt”. As the clerk began to walk away a medal on the wall for Brazilian Jiu Jitstu caught Silencio’s eye. Silencio said the first thing he could think of in the spur of the moment. “Wait! I’ll fight you for them. If I win I get back my stuff and if you win I’ll volunteer here everyday after school till I graduate”. The clerk stopped dead in his tracks and turned slowly with a slight smirk on his face. He had always wanted to test the skills of the highly regarded God Fist High’s students. The clerk didn’t say a word. He showed that he agreed by walking through the doorway behind the counter while gesturing for them to follow.
“Sweet. I can’t believe he went for that”, said Silencio.
“Don’t get too cocky! He wouldn’t have agreed to this if he planned on losing”, Wally cautioned.
Silencio replied as apathetic as ever, “Don’t worry bro. I got this”.
The back room was not what they expected. It was a huge room with a big matted floor in the middle. The clerk was standing in its center starring down the students. Silencio ninjaed his way to the mat. “Let’s get this over with old man”, Silencio said confidently. Wally steps up and sets some rules for the fight. “We’ll do this by school rules. The match will continue until one fighter is unconscious or admits defeat. Ready… set… go”. The match starts slowly with them circling the area. Silencio takes this as an opportunity to get into his rhythm by saying the assassin laws. “Law of the assassin number one. Conceal yourself in darkness…still your breath…seek a path to your target”. The clerk doesn’t care for what Silencio is mumbling and charges with a flying knee. Silencio effortlessly rolls under it. “Law of the assassin number two. Know your target. Be able to guess his thoughts and movements!” They engage in super close combat exchanging blows at high speeds. It seems as if Silencio has the upper hand when he begins to land blows here and there on the clerk. “Something was weird about the impact of those hits”, Silencio thought to himself. The clerk slouched from fatigue and at that moment Silencio launched one of his most powerful techniques. “Law of the assassin number three. Defeat your target before he even becomes aware of your existence. 1000 shadow kicks!” Silencio appeared and disappeared in every direction landing kick after kick. The clerks guard cracks open like an egg and Silencio tries to finish him with a kick that he had to muster up all of his strength to use. “Fool”, shouted the clerk as he dodged at the last second and caught Silencio’s leg. The clerk was pretending to take Silencio’s kicks but only took about half of their intended damage. The clerk tried to finish Silencio with a special move, “Achilles’s Ankle Lock!” Silencio screams in pain for he could feel the tendons in his ankle slowly ripping. “I give up!” Silencio shouted before he could get seriously injured.

     The clerk got up feeling impressed with himself. He knew he could kick them out and keep their items after that, but he wanted to further test himself. He glanced over at Wally and gestured for him to fight next. “Are you sure old man? It wont be quite the same as before. I don’t underestimate my opponents”, said Wally.

     The clerk picked up Silencio and flung him at Wally like a toddler throwing one of his toys. Silencio flew through the air like a rocket. Wally side stepped Silencio, caught him by his clothes and spun him around to slow his momentum.

     “You okay bro”?

     “You think I’d be done in with just that? Just go show that old man the power of God Fist High”.

     “You know it”, said Wally with a new determination in his eyes. Wally walked onto the mat and took a deep breath. This is his home, the mat. No one can touch him here.

     They don’t waste time as Silencio and the clerk had done before. They lock eyes and charge each other like bulls. They collide in the center, neither willing to be pushed back. Wally’s arms are blown away first. The clerk wraps his waist, but realizes it was a trap too late. Wally slams his elbows into the clerks shoulder blades like two steel beams falling off a building into a pool. The clerk can’t move or breathe. Wally grabs his waist from above and flips the clerk to his own shoulders. The clerk, still stunned and unable to speak, watches in horror for he knows what comes next. “Wind Gods Gavel!” Wally roared.

     The clerk writhed in pain. Before passing out he tells them where to find the items then passes out. “Blaze… blaze…behind counter”.
“Well that was easier said than done”, Silencio.

     “Really? I thought it was easier done than said”, Wally laughed as they left the shop with the stolen items.

     The following day Silencio returned his fellow students’ stuff without them noticing, but he knew he couldn’t do the same with the teacher’s laptop. He walked into class and set it on the teacher’s desk and stared the teacher in the eye, waiting for a response. The teacher stood there for a while then called the principal’s office. Then Silencio was called to the principal’s office seconds later. “Silencio to wamp wamp principals wamp quickly”.

     Silencio left the class immediately. When he arrived in the principal’s office the principal got straight to business. He told Silencio that the teacher wanted to press charges, but with Silencio’s skills there was no way to enforce the law unless he went willingly. The principal came up with an alternative punishment. Silencio was banned from using his powers for a month and his whereabouts had to be accounted for 24 hours of the day. “Thank you sire. I’ll gladly accept the consequences of my actions”, Silencio said with great relief.

     Everything went on as usual till the end of the year and everyone graduated on time. The End