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Two Poems by David McCoy for April 25th

Self Portrait by David McCoy '12

On the Open Plain

Gunshots felt, but are not heard

Tanks roll by and planes fly by

Land mines, Grenades, armed combat

Without an end in sight

Shot in the back?

The pain has just begun

Legs blown off?

Don’t worry; bullets will lull you off

On those open plains,

Lifeless husks of human form lay strewn about and bloody

Except that one


Bag O’ Chips

I’d prefer the life of a bag of chips.

Now you may call me crazy, colleagues of mine, but that is simply not.

I’d prefer the life of a bag of chips, for each is different and unique. Some seasoned finely,

Others not

Life would not be worth living if it were as a Pringle:

Each one the same and in a tube

Going by your puzzled expressions, you question my sanity still

Allow me to alleviate your thinking with a question:

Would you live a live of uniformity, with no ups nor downs?

Or a sour cream, barbeque, and flaming hot life?